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Related to health and hygiene

(a) Source of Drinking Water


Only one-fifth have home water connection and 50.1% of the people are having only common tap. So mostly they depend on preserved water for the day to day requirements. They are not in a position to establish their own drinking water source till date. Further a third of the population depend on water not properly treated for drinking purposes.

 (b) Toilet Facilities

50.6% of the people are having open field as their toilet. This clearly indicates that the people of this community are helpless and are unable to stop the environmental degradation they bring about, either due to lack of awareness or financial constraints. They are also not aware of the availability of financial assistance for the community toilet provided by the local panchayat or for home toilets.

(c) Problem Related to Diseases

Paediatric concerns and Chikun Kunya are the major problems faced by these people. This is probably because of lack of awareness and neglect of precautionary measures. Nearly 62% of the health related problems faced by these people are due to Chikun Kunya and paediatric aspects. However their concern for their children shows their innate desire for welfare of their wards. It appears that the memory of last year’s outbreak of Chikun Kunya still lingers in their minds and is frightening them more than any other disease.

(d) How Long Are You Facing this Problem?

Out of 613 people 468 did not respond, probably because of lack of memory or inability to recollect. Only 23% of the people could recollect the persistence of the problem. Particularly it is inferred that Chikun Kunya has been hampering the minds of these people for the past 2 years.

(e) Problems Related to Insects and Animals

 The respondents feel that insects related problems are mostly because of mosquitoes. Nearly 54 % of the respondents have related the problems to mosquitoes. This clearly indicates the inadequacy of the steps taken by the local community to eradicate mosquito menace.

(f) Treatment for the Diseases

As far as the treatment is concerned majority of the people are consulting the doctors and getting advice to improve their health. They are having a good exposure about the benefit of treatment through competent professionals. However 10 % believe in self treatment.