Department of Physics
  • The department organized a national seminar on “Crystal Growth” during 27-29 January 2005
  • The department is recognized as research centre under Anna University Chennai in 2007, to carry out active research in various fields such as condensed matter physics, spintronics, nanotechnology, thin film technology, polymers, ion implantation and solar energy
  • A major research project on “Synthesis and Study of Pervoskite Structured Nanocrystalline Thin Films for the Application of Information Storage Devices” funded by UGC, New Delhi for Rs.10.24 lakhs was granted in 2010
  • The department conducted a DRDO sponsored silver jubilee year national conference on "Recent Advances in Crystal Growth and Nanoscience" during 26 & 27 March 2010
  • BRNS, DST, CSIR, ISRO and AICTE sponsored national conference on "Spintronic Materials: Nanostructures and Devices" was conducted by the department during 3- 4 March 2011 and the proceedings was published in the Elsevier online journal “Physics Procedia”
  • The department organized a CSIR sponsored one day National Seminar on "Recent Trends and Development in the Emerging Field of New Transport Conductors and Device Applications Using Multidisciplinary Approach" on 19 June 2012
  • The department conducted a DRDO sponsored one day National Seminar on “Recent Trends and Challenges in Lithium Ion Batteries “on 19 December 2012
  • The Department organized a UGC sponsored one day national seminar on “Trends and Opportunities in Energy Efficient Solar Cells for Future Power Needs” on 23 December 2014
  • A minor research project on “Design and development of performance enhancement of wind assisted domestic solar hot water system by filling carbon dioxide – methane – nitrous oxide gases in the collector panel for rural areas” funded by UGC, New Delhi for Rs.2.01 lakhs was granted in 2015
  • A two week ISTE - STTP on engineering physics sponsored by IIT Bombay under national mission on education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi was organized during 8-18 December 2015
  • The Department is recognized as a remote centre for ASK A QUESTION programme, IIT Bombay
  • BRNS and CSIR sponsored International conference on ‘Energy, Environment and Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future (ICEEAMSF-2017)’ was organized during 23-24 May 2017
  • CSIR sponsored national seminar on “Research issues in nanocomposite polymers for super capacitor fabrication” was organized on 12, July 2018.
  • Indian Science Academies’ education programme – Lecture workshop on “Research issues on materials used for high energy storage devices” was conducted on 16 & 17, August 2018.