Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Laboratories

This Sensors and Transducers Laboratory was established in the year 1996. This lab is equipped with Speed Measurement Trainer, Temperature Transducer Trainer, Opto Electric Transducer Trainer, Strain Gauge, Load cell, Characteristics of Thermistor Kit, Low Pressure Generation Pump, PID Controller with Motor setup, LVDT Trainer kit, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Electrical Rotary and Linear Actuator. Major equipments includes Venturimeters, Orifice meters, pH meters, Viscosity meters, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Dead Weight Tester, Thermocouple calibration setup, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Conductivity meter, Pressure to Current converter setup, Current to Pressure converter setup, Flopper nozzle setup, Ultrasonic based level measurement kit, Electromagnetic flow meter kit, Pressure measurement and Calibration using vacuum gauge, Turbidity and TDS measurement setup and Low pressure measurement using McLeod gauge. Students do their mini projects and major projects in this lab in addition to their regular lab classes.


Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory was established in the year 2001, which has 8085 microprocessor, 8086 microprocessor, 8051 microcontroller trainer kits, universal programmer downloader and Tester, PIC 16F1876A, PIC 16F877A microcontroller trainer kit. It also has interfacing devices such as ADC , DAC, stepper motor controller, traffic light controller , LED display interface , Keyboard interface devices, Printer interface, RTC, Elevator simulator, 8251 and 8253 interfaces.

Dual FPAA development and trainer kit, DSO, Anadigm software, ARM7 (LPC2378) processor, ARM 9 processor, ARM7 LPC2148 development board, Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits which will facilitate the researchers in the areas of analog, mixed signal, and RF design. A two user Microversion3 Keil C software is also provided for embedding the assembly language programs and high level programming languages like C.


The Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory was established in the year 2000, which covers instruments used for basic measurements like voltage, current, power and physical quantities. This lab has major equipments like 3-Phase Electronic Trivector Meter, Digital Energy Meter, Digital Spectrum Analyzer, Load Cell and Strain Gauge Trainer kit, 100 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope, AC and DC Servo motor, Universal Tester with LCR Meter and Digital Real-time Storage Oscilloscope. The students utilize the laboratory for designing Instrumentation systems and Electronic circuits related to their mini and capstone projects.



The Computer Centre was established in the year 2000, which has fully air-conditioned Computer Centre with 37 computers and uninterrupted power supply of 15 kVA. This centre is utilized for developing applications based on programming languages such as C, C++, java, and to implement the concepts of data structures & algorithms. The computer centre is equipped with 4 printers and one scanner. Apart from C and C++, the softwares available are ORCAD Release 9.2- Single User Version, MATLAB RELEASE 13 -5 user version and MATLAB R2015b - 40 user version. All the computers are provided with internet connectivity and the centre is kept open till 7.00 pm on all working days.


The Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory was established in the year 2002, which covers the advanced instrumentation field in process automation. It is one of the core laboratory in Instrumentation engineering which includes major equipment like PLC modules (Allen-Bradley, Micrologix 1000, Micrologix 1100, Siemens Step7- 200, Siemens-Logo, GE Fanuc, Modicon, ABB, Omron, Siemens S7-1200), NI- ELVIS, DAQ card, Thermocouple and Accelerometer modules, Spartan FPGA, Spartan 6, Universal FPGA Trainer Boards and CCD Camera for Imaging applications. The laboratory is effectively utilized during working hours for conducting practical courses and doing project work for UG and PG students. Beyond the working hours, the laboratory is effectively utilized for conducting value added courses for internal students, seminars and workshops for outside participants from various institutes and industries. It provides training and technical supports to students and researchers to develop the proto type model.

It is a multi-instrument resource to train and educate the undergraduate and post graduate students to develop industrial instrumentation automation systems and update their knowledge to solve the practical issues in the industry.


The Distributed Control System Laboratory was established in the year 2009, which mimics the most advanced control system for the process industries. The students are given training in the state of the art Yokogawa Centum Vp DCS to expose them to the modern process industries. The installed system setup is able to control parameters like flow, level and pressure that are commonly required in industries. It includes one Engineering station and multiple operator stations for human machine interfaces which will help to create a real time process industry environment.

This laboratory is equipped with Industrial type Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) skid and Two tank Conical Interacting and Non Interacting systems to acquire knowledge and enhance research activities for students and research scholars of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. It provides an opportunity to understand the concepts and control of real time Industrial Automation systems with the assistance of PLC, DCS, LabVIEW and MATLAB environments.


The Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory was established in the year 2015 to serve as a multipurpose teaching facility to support fundamental curricular objectives that include biomedical engineering concepts covered in Biomedical Engineering subject and imparted biomedical signals analysis concepts in signal processing laboratory. It includes the equipment such as, Biomedical Electrodes and Transducer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sphygmomanometer, Pulse Oximeter, Phonocardiography, Ultra Sound Diathermy Unit, Doppler Shift Blood Flow Meter, Blood Glucose Meter, Blood Cell counter, Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Arrhythmia Simulator, Bio-Telemetry system, ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, ERG, Respiration Rate Monitor and Audio meter. The lab includes prototype model of Heart Lung Machine, Haemodialysis Machine and Bio telemetry module. This laboratory supports the work of advanced undergraduate, master graduate, and research scholars.


The Industrial Automation laboratory was established in the year of 2015, which consists of advanced automation and testing instruments used in the Process Industries. This lab is equipped with Calibration Test Bench, Interacting Spherical Tank Level Control System, DPT, SIEMENS Variable Frequency Drive and HMI. Calibration test bench is used for Industrial Consultancy and Testing for calibration of pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges and safety valves. DPT, VFD, HMI and Spherical tank control system are utilized for various research projects and laboratory experiments.