Electronics and Communication Engineering

Laboratories & Smart Class Room
Smart Class Room
The department has an exclusive smart classroom facility with provisions for recording and conducting interactive lecture/tutorial sessions, workshops, seminars and other activities.

Morse Communication Lab
Communication Engineering laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signal. The students are trained for constructing the circuits for analog and digital modulation. Morse Communication Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:
• Digital Communication kit for TDM, PCM, line coding and decoding.
• LAN Trainer kit
• Digital Storage Oscilloscope
• LVDT Trainer kit
• AM/FM Transmitter Demonstration kit
• AM/FM Receiver Demonstration kit
• PN sequence generator
• ASK, FSK, PSK, QPSK Trainer Kits.
Marconi RF Lab

Marconi RF lab is well equipped with antenna kits (Yagi Uda, Halfwave Dipole, Square Loop) to enhance the study of various types of antenna and its radiation patterns.
The major facilities include:
• Antenna Trainer System
• Spectrum Analyzer
• Digital Storage Oscilloscope
• RF Transmitter/ Receiver

Baird Television Lab

Baird Television lab is to inculcate the knowledge to the students in TV trouble shooting and assembly. Hands-on training programmes on TV troubleshooting and repair are conducted periodically for the students.

The lab is equipped with:

• Black and White TV demonstration kits
• Color TV demonstration kits
• B/W and Color TV receiver
•TV Pattern generator

Thomson Electronics and Integrated Circuits Lab

Electronics Lab helps the students to acquire basic knowledge about the electronic devices like diode, transistor and thyristor families. It comprises basic electron devices lab, Electronic Circuits Lab and Linear IC Lab. In devices lab, all the device characteristics are studied. In Electronic Circuits Lab, the basic circuits for power supplies, regulators, amplifiers and oscillator are designed, constructed, tested and studied. In LIC lab, applications using op-amps are designed, constructed and verified.


• Dual trace oscilloscope
• Dual trace oscilloscope with function generator cum counter
• Digital function generator with counter
• Digital rpm meter
•Low/high voltage power supply
• Digital LCR-Q meter
• DC Power Supply Design Kit
• RFID Based System Design Kit
• Component Tester


ORCAD PSPICE Design tool.
Von Neumann Microprocessor and Controller Lab

Microprocessor lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge on architecture, programming and interfacing of various processors and microcontrollers. Students from other branch of engineering and sciences also utilize this lab and develop their skills in the field of microprocessor and its applications. The features and facilities available in this lab will help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies

Microprocessor Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment.

• 8086 Microprocessor Trainer (Micro 86/88 LCD)
• 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
• Stepper Motor Controller Study Module (VCET 06)
• LVDT Position Trainer (VLPCT 01)
• Microprocessor Based AC motor controller (IIB PEC00A1)
• Microprocessor Based DC motor Controller (IIB PEC 00S1)
• ARM 7MP CORE Processor
• Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
• Microcontroller / EEPROM Programmer
• PIC Microcontroller Interface
•Programmer for various Microcontrollers

Fourier Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab is to impart knowledge on various DSP processors like TMS320C5X series and ADSP 21XX series. The students understand various concepts in signal processing through simulation using MATLab and implementation using processor kits. An exposure on real time applications is also given.

DSP Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment.

  • MATLAB 7.0, 5 users
  • MATLAB 8 (with 22 tool boxes) - 25 user concurrent license
  • TMS 320 C5416- 6 Kits
  • TMS 320 C6713- 2 Kits
  • TMS 320C6748 – 12 Kits
  • ADSP BF-533 EZ- 1 Kit
  • ADSP BF-537 EZ- 1 Kit
  • ADSP BF-537 Stamp board with Linux platform
  • ADSP 21065 Kit
  • ADSP 2181 Kit
  • Pro Audio development Kit
  • IPPBX board with FXO & FXS
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (50MHz) – 1
Maxwell Microwave Lab

In Microwave Lab the students are exposed to the microwave active devices like klystron, gunn diode and passive devices like isolator, circulator, slotted section, directional coupler, reflectometer, magic tee, horn antenna, attenuator and terminations. Satellite and radar communication demonstration kits are also available. The power meter, frequency meter, VSWR meter are available for microwave signal parameter measurements

Microwave Laboratory is equipped with the following equipments.

  • Satellite trainer kit
  • Radar trainer kit
  • Reflex Klystron Bench
  • Gunn Oscillator Bench
Fiber Optics Lab

The optical communication laboratory complements the topics studied in the optical communication theory course. The lab is equipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules to enable the study of components of an optical communication system.

Fiber Optics Laboratory is equipped with the following equipments.

  • Light runner for analyze the characteristics of optical fiber.
  • Optical trainer kits for data communication, measurement of light signal.
  • APD/PD Module
  • LD Module.
  • LED Module.
  • Mode characteristics of optical fiber.
  • Optical Power Source
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Connectorization and Splicing of Optical Fiber demo kit
  • Bit Error Rate module.
Hollerith Hardware and Digital Lab

Hardware and Digital Laboratory enhances the student's knowledge on different types of combinational and sequential logic circuits. The student can design, construct and verify the logic of various digital circuits.

Hardware and Digital Laboratory is equipped with the following equipments.

•10 bit Digital Trainer Kits
•16 bit Digital Trainer kit
•20 bit Digital Trainer kit
•Digital IC Tester

Vinton Network Lab

Network Laboratory motivates the students to design and analyze the behavioral aspects of wired and wireless networks. Furthermore, network lab motivates students to takeup research in WSN, MANET, VANET & Wi-Fi networks.

Vinton Network Lab is Equipped with the following equipment:

  • Wireless sensor Hardware Tool (Gateway Module ,Core Module ,Sensors )
  • Exata 2.0 Emulation Tool
  • Exata Libraries ( Wireless Sensor Network, Urban propagation library, UMTS library, Wi-Fi/Ad-hoc library, Wi-Max, GSM)
  • Network Simulator (NS-3) &(NS-2)
  • Netsim Simulation Software
  • Cooj
Kilby VLSI Lab

The students are trained to design digital circuits using the various hardware description languages and also their implementation on FPGAs. Lab is well equipped with synopsys and real time implementation kits for the students to undertake projects in the area of VLSI Design.

VLSI Lab is equipped with the following equipments.

  • FPGA Universal Trainer kits
  • XC9536 CPLD Trainer kits
  • Coolrunner CPLD Trainer kits
  • ADD on cards
  • FPGA kit – Basys 3
  • Renoir – Modelsim and Leonardo Spectrum with Design Entry
  • XILINX ISE Series with Modelsim

The students are trained to design digital circuits using the various hardware description languages and also their implementation on FPGAs. Lab is well equipped with synopsys and real time implementation kits for the students to undertake projects in the area of VLSI Design.

ASIC Lab is equipped with the following equipment.


XILINX Vertex5 XUPv5 LX110t development kit

  • SYNOPSIS Asia Pacific Front End University Bundle (Part No -3900-0)
  • SYNOPSIS Asia Pacific Back End University Bundle (Part No -3901-0)
  • Mentor Graphics HEP Category (25 user) Xilinx Vivado System Edition
  • Synopsys - TCAD
Computer Centre

The department has a well-equipped computer centre, facilitating students to learn programming languages such as C ,C++ and Java, Open source software like Linux, Mysql and Eclipse and to access open source e-learning like NPTEL.


This lab provides a platform to the students to study, design, simulate and analyze RF Circuits and RF antennas


  • Keysight Vector Network Analyzer (30KHz – 9GHz)
  • WiCOMM-T Wireless Digital Communication Training System


  • ANSYS HFSS – 3D Structure Simulator
  • Keysight Advanced Design System
  • Matlab R2015b
Freescale Embedded System Lab

This lab is provided with Freescale processors to impart practical knowledge on how to use the freescale processors for various real time applications. This lab is funded by the Freescale Semiconductors Inc., Bangalore.



  • 16Bit HCS 12 Student learning kit (APS/2XD7512SLK)
  • MCU project board(PBMCUSLK)
  • MCU 32 bit cold fire student learning kit(AP5223SLK)
  • Symphony audio kit (SOUND BYTE)
  • FPGA application module student learning kit (APS3EFPGASLK)
  • Zig Bee application module student learning kit(APB192USLK)
  • MPC8313 development kit (MPC8313E-RDB)
  • ARM 9 Kit with 7" TFT Touch Screen and Linux 2.6
  • Raspberry PI: Model B 3
  • Orange PI Zero -512 MB
  • Bluetooth With TTL
  • Wifi UART
  • GPS
  • RFID Reader Card
  • RFID Card
  • Proximity Sensor
  • TFT Screen With Touch Panel 3.5
  • RTC EEPROM Board
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro meter


  • Proteus 8
Project Cubicle

The department has a unique project cubicle for the students to carry out their project work in an environment which facilitates creativity and innovation. Students and research scholars utilize this facility for design, analyze and implement various academic and mini projects.





This lab is provided with PIC microprocessors to impart practical knowledge on how to use the PIC microprocessors for various real time applications.

Advanced Microprocessor Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:


PIC 16 Series Microcontroller


  • Proteus VSM Software
  • CCS Compiler
  • PCM Command line C Compiler for microchip PIC 10/12/14/16 Devices