Computer Science and Engineering

Software Development Laboratory
Software Development Lab is used to enable the students to develop simple software applications using C,C++ and Java. Provide practical exposure to the students for implementing software development concepts in real time applications.




Free / Open Source Software Laboratory
Free Open Source Software lab is to familiarize students with the various Open source software like Linux,NetworkSimulators,Mysql,Eclipse and Glomosim.The students can understand the purpose of open source tools in real time application development




Internet Programming Laboratory
Internet Programming Laboratory is mainly utilized by the students for developing dynamic web applications using the tools like adobe dreamweaver and adobe photoshop.The Students are also facilitated to use the freely available open source tools like XAMPP/WAMP Servers.




RDBMS Laboratory
RDBMS laboratory is used by students to create and interact with the database. This laboratory is equipped with 32 computers with various RDBMS packages oracle-10g and MySQL. The oracle client software is installed in all the machines and the oracle-10g server software is installed in a server computer




The objective of the system software development laboratory is to familiarize students with the various system software like assemblers,loaders,linkers,macro processors and text editor. Students are trained to implement all the system software mentioned above using C/C++ language




The Department has well equipped laboratory with facilities that are vital to train the students in developing network applications like socket creation, client/server applications etc. The network simulator NS2 is also installed to familiarize with developing network simulations




Multimedia Lab & PG Laboratory
  • To perform image editing operations using Photoshop Tool.
  • To do simple 2D animation operations using "Flash" Tool.
  • To perform sound editing operations using sound forge software.
  • To achieve various effects using swish max software.
  • To do 3D animation using 3Dmax software.
  • To conduct simulations for various Network experiments using NS-2.


Cloud Computing Laboratory
This lab has high configuration with core i3 processors. This lab is utilized by the students to learn and develop cloud environment using cloud sim.




Mobile Application Development Lab

The department has well equipped laboratory with facilities that are vital to train the students in developing the mobile applications.