AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Programme
Internet of Things
Vision,Architecture,Building Applications and Research Challenges

From 18.11.2019 to 01.12.2019

About the College

Kongu Engineering College was established in 1984,approved by AICTE,New Delhi,accredited by NAAC for five years with the grade of "A" and an autonomus institution affliated to Anna University,Chennai,as completed 35 years of dedicated and excellant in the field of technical education. The college offers 14 UG,19 PG and 16 research programme in engineering,applied sciences and management imparting high quality value-added education in India.The college has got NBA accrediation for UG programmes, best engineering college award and best principal awards twice.The institution is ranked high among the engienrring institutions in India by various survey conducted by reputed magazines/journals/organisations.In the survey conducted by MHRD in the name National Institution Ranking Frame Work(NIRF), the insitution has bagged 99th rank among all in India including premier institution like IIT's and NIT's,etc. Kongu Engineering College has been awarded as the most clean campus for the year 2017 by AICTE.The institution has established a technology business incubator supported by Department of Science And Technology, Govt of India in its campus.

About the Department

Department of Information Technology offers B.Tech. Degree programme in IT, M.Tech (IT) Degree programme and M.Tech IT (Information and Cyber Warfare). The department is approved Research centre under Anna university. Three Ph.d scholars were produced and 24 Ph.D scholars are pursuing. The faculty expertise are Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Data Analytics, Optimization and IoT. The faculty of the department has vast experience in academia and industry. Besides teaching, the department is actively involved in industrial consultancy, and conducting training programmes for students and practicing engineers

Objective of the Programme

Internet of Things is an attempt of connecting objects to the internet and also to each other - allowing objects and people to analyze data from various sources in real-time and take necessary actions in an intelligent fashion. FDP on Emerging and New Areas of Technology “Internet of Things: Vision, Architecture, Building Applications and Research Challenges” is mainly designed for theoretical as well as hands on training using hardware and software. This is a multidisciplinary activity and hence is open to academic and Industry representatives with varied background. It will cover topics like Smart Cities, Software defined networks, Smart sensors and systems, Computer forensics and IoT related cyber legislation issues.

Content to be Covered

  • 1.Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks , IoT, Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems
  • 2.Design of sensor network protocols including MAC and Routing protocols
  • 3.Sensor Web, Social IoT and IoT Cloud
  • 4.Smart IoT devices and applications areas such as agriculture, weather forecasting, smart homes and smart cities
  • 5.Programming with IoT devices
  • 6.IOT - development boards
  • 7.Introduction to Arduino Platform, 3
  • 8.Integration of sensors with Arduino
  • 9.Data collection using smart phones using blink app
  • 10.Programming Node MCU with Arduino platform
  • 11.Sensor integration with Node MCU
  • 12.Introduction to Wireless modules( Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM),NFC/RFID and their integration with Arduino
  • 13.Integration of sensors with Raspberry Pi
  • 14.Connecting Cloud data with Raspberry Pi
  • 15.Communication protocols, interconnections, system design and development
  • 16.Service Discovery and device to device communication in IOT
  • 17.Data management and big data analytics in IOT
  • 18.Application implementation : MQTT Protocol and uses in IoT, Publish and Subscribe over cloud
  • 19.Security in IOT
  • 20.Cloud – IBM, AWS, Google
  • 21.Optimal Energy resources for IoT Applications
  • 22.Research issues and case studies in IOT
  • Mini Projects:
    1) Web/App based automatic ON/OFF for home appliances
    2) LM-35 and accelerometer read using blink app
    3) Water Level Alert System
    4) Sensor Web Server


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