There are 373 bookshelves housing the books for lending. The books are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification. Bay guides are available for easy access. Open access system is followed which goes a long way to help the readers in locating books and making search easy. Glass doors to prevent the books from insects and dust close the bookshelves.


It is a spacious and ventilated area for comfortable reading for a long time. It has 12 bookshelves exclusively holding the syllabus copies. It includes 16 tables with a seating capacity of 96 chairs. Students are permitted to bring the books from the stacks for their reading. Besides that there are 10 stone tables with 80 chairs in the open air.


There are 5,666 reference books including Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Hand Books (General, Science and Technology, Chemical) on all branches of Engineering and Science and humanities. The reference hall is equipped with 5 full-size and 15 half-size wooden, glass-sliding cupboards. It consists of 10 tables with a seating capacity of 40 chairs exclusively for reference purposes with air conditioning facilities.


A separate Air-conditioned section is available for Periodicals in the First floor of the new building. It has 9 tables with the seating capacity of 50 chairs. Additional chairs are available, when necessary. This section has both technical and Non-technical Journals and Magazines of National and International levels. The latest issue of Journal / Magazine will be exhibited outside in the respective shelves. Previous issues will be in order for ready reference.


 In this section, latest titles and editions are displayed for the attention of the users to update their knowledge.   


There is a separate hexagon shaped hall to read Newspapers and magazines like Reader’s digest, Wisdom, Sportstar. This section has 4 sets of double sofa and 14 single sofas for pleasure readings.

The following Newspapers are subscribed for the Library.


There are 3062 books in the Book Bank section. The books can be provided exclusively for Post Matric Scholarship holders of the SC & ST students. Each student can take up to 6 books, which can be kept for one semester.


There are three Photocopier are available in the Library. Library provides reprographic service to the users at a nominal cost. This service is helpful to the students for preparing their paper presentations, projects etc.,